[Swahili Word] freshi
[English Word] fine
[Part of Speech] adjective
[Dialect] recent
[Derived Word] English 'fresh'
[Swahili Example] mambo vip? freshi kabisa
[English Example] how are you? just fine
[Terminology] slang

Swahili-english dictionary. 2013.

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  • freshi — n British a newcomer, unassimilated immigrant, unsophisticated person. An abbrevia tion of the dismissive phrase fresh off the boat , used by British Asians. Compare desi …   Contemporary slang

  • desi — n, adj South Asian (someone who is) local, indigenous. The term is used in the UK, sometimes pejo ratively, by younger or supposedly sophisticated speakers to refer to tradi tionalists or recent immigrants. Compare freshi …   Contemporary slang

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